The Future

Looking To The Future

Redeemed Outreach Center is the proposed “heart” of our operations. This facility will give us the ability to enlarge our current projects as well as expanding into new programs.
The outreach center would allow us:

  • Larger Warehouse Facilities
  • Multiple Cold and Frozen Food Storage Units
  • Administration Offices
  • Recovery Classes
  • Clothing Ban
  • Emergency Shelter
  • Counseling Rooms
  • Commercial Kitchen
  • Athletic Gymnasium
  • After-School Program for Low-Income Families

We will sign our property lease in April 2015 and plan to break ground to begin construction as quickly as possible. Our location is conveniently located in north Rutherford county, with close access to I-24.

The outreach center after-school programs will provide teens with the ability to cultivate skills and talents.

We will provide:

  • After School Snacks
  • Free Music Classes
  • Free Art Classes
  • Free Tutoring
  • Photography
  • Computer Usage
  • Open Gym (Basketball court inside and playground outside)